Reboot Jan 10 2009

I’ve designed and built a brand new personal site here at, and have moved over this blog - all url’s from now point to, and the blog integrates with the rest of my personal site, which also includes a bit about me, my portfolio of work, my code and a lifestream on the homepage aggregating content from this blog, GitHub, Flickr, Delicious and Twitter.

As part of the migration I’ve created a new feed with FeedBurner, at I’ve left the old crazycool feed running too though, and pointed it at the new site, so those of you subscribed should continue to receive the latest articles, but if you get chance it may be worth switching your subscriptions to the new feed to ensure that it always works in future.

For those interested, this new site runs on Merb, and is hosted using Apache and Passenger. The blog portion still runs on Feather, however it runs as a slice inside the main app. I’ve spent a fair bit of time recently on bringing the Feather codebase up to speed to make it work with the latest Merb/DM, to finish up slices support, fix some of the bigger bugs, and to make it more stable and reliable. Soon enough I’ll be wrapping up the latest code into a 0.5 gem release, so watch this space!

Any comments on the new site and design will be welcome, and I’m going to be more blogging a lot more regularly from here on out!