Ten Percent de France Jul 2 2013

With the Tour de France in full flow for the 100th edition of the famous cycling race, and my resumed interest in fitness and in particular, cycling (indoors, at least), I’ve decided to have a little fun, and try to match my daily goals on the bike with the riders in France. Of course, I have neither the time, nor the legs, to go ahead and match them km for km, so I figured I’d start off by aiming to do 10% of what they do on each stage. I’ve just about caught up now after the first three stages - and when it comes to the time trials, as they are shorter stages, I’ll do those full distances - so 25km is on the cards for todays team time trial. I don’t anticipate keeping pace with those guys, and of course, even if I did, I’m on the relatively comfortable confines of an indoor exercise bike, and not a sweltering French road course with undulations and category climbs. However, it adds a little fun dimension to my exercises, and my watching of this years Tour. If you fancy joining me, or perhaps even pushing it to 15% or 20% of the distances, then tweet at me and let me know how you’re getting on! Much like the Tour, perhaps we can all help drive each other on, like a virtual peloton headed for the Champs-Élysées in 19 days time.

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