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It's Coming Home Jul 14 2018

I've been watching England a long time now - I don't remember Italia '90 first hand, I do remember USA '94 as my first World Cup, even though England hadn't qualified. Euro '96 was special, and I vividly remember the semi-final against Germany, the elation, the agony, the heartbreak. Gazza sliding in at the back post. The first time I cried after an England result (not the last). Beckham red card and losing to Argentina in '98, being 1-0 up against Brazil in '02 and losing 2-1, penalties to Portugal in '06. After that, England seemed to be in the footballing wilderness, the so-called Golden Generation had come and gone, nothing to show for it. Overpaid and not really caring, the last decade has been tough to watch. Superstars picked based on reputation not form, and not delivering for country like they did for club. And so it comes full circle, watching this World Cup with my kids, the first World Cup where they were old enough to understand it, to be excited by it. Living vicariously through them, nervous for them, as they learn the highs and lows of being an England fan. Ultimately, perhaps inexperience delivered the final blow, but in doing so, has given these young, energetic and hungry players experience they can use in the future. In two years for the Euros, in four years for the next World Cup. Many of these players will play in 2 or maybe even 3 more World Cups if they stay fit and consistent, and this experience, this team unity, the exuberance they've shown together will count for so much. They've set themselves a high bar for future years, and in doing so have inspired my kids, and kids up and down the country. Keep the faith, because eventually, It's Coming Home.


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