Freshmac is a macOS app to help keep your Mac clean. It runs a variety of scans on your Mac to find unused files, caches that can be cleared, unused languages for apps, and other things that have been left behind during usage that can be safely cleaned to improve the performance of your Mac.

I built the app from scratch over the course of a few months, constructing the app interface from designs provided by the client, and architecting a flexible scan structure for implementing the different scanner types, to deliver a MVP for v1 ready for sale.

It was an interesting performance challenge to write the code for the scans, some of it dealt with a very large amount of very small files, and had to accurately track and report those files back to the user, and when requested, clean them by removing them safely. Likewise other scanner types included one to find large unused files, and required ranking files based on a combination of their size and their date to surface ones that are likely candidates for cleaning.

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“I was very careful choosing a developer to make my next flagship product, and Elliott did a phenomenal job developing my MVP in a short period of time. Every new feature I threw at him, he implemented very fast, and had all the processes and tools needed to manage and communicate with a client.“

- Carl Fiorentino, Freshmac