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All new KickCode and introducing Hijax Games Jul 6

I have completely forgotten to post on here about the relaunch of the KickCode site, or my new gaming focused development brand, d'oh!

First things first, I rebuilt and relaunched the KickCode site a good few weeks ago. The new site is smarter, cleaner and clearer, and focuses on what we do best - helping businesses improve. Whether it’s increasing revenue or users, decreasing churn, or another business goal you have, we can almost certainly help you achieve it. We’re providing lots of good business and technical content on the blog too, and you can sign up for the newsletter to get a nice round-up of things we’ve written, worked on, or found interesting. Check out the new site now!

I’ve also launched a separate gaming focused brand, called Hijax Games. The thinking behind this was to provide the same great focus we do on KickCode, but specific to the game development niche. We’ll be working on our own games and sharing development progress from those, as well as being available to work on client game development. Lastly, we’ll be providing great game development content to help other game developers, with the tools we’re best at, from RubyMotion and Joybox, to Unity3D. Expect lots of interesting stuff over the coming months, and again you can sign up to the Hijax newsletter to be kept in the loop.

So that’s that, busy few weeks launching those - let me know if you have thoughts, comments or questions on the new sites, and please get in touch if you think KickCode or Hijax Games can help you with your idea!


Refresh Jun 11

If you’re reading this in a feed reader, you won’t notice much difference, but if you’re reading this at, then you’ll spot that I’ve changed the theme on this blog, to the awesome cardstock theme by Parker Ehret. As the transition from my sole trader business to KickCode Ltd has now been complete for a few months, I think it makes sense to retire the old brand as a professional entity, and reclaim as a personal site of sorts. Expect more links and things I can’t fit into 140 characters on Twitter. For technical stuff I’ll probably post on the KickCode blog, but will link back here too.


Announcing: KickCode Sep 6

Bit behind on this one, and anyone who follows me on Twitter will have already seen this - but last week, on September 1st 2010, KickCode Ltd launched. This is my new development company, offering web and mobile development, and specialising in Ruby on Rails and Android development. It’s a culmination of almost 18 months hard work freelancing doing web development, and I’m now taking it to the next level by running my own company and brand. The new site has case studies on a lot of my work, and contains more information about the ethos of the new company. Many thanks to the awesome Capra for the outstanding design work.

If you have any feedback on the KickCode site, then please let me know. And of course if you’re looking for web or mobile development, then please contact us over on the KickCode site!


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