Seesaw is an app that allows content marketers to gate their digital content behind different subscription and following rules, such as email subscribing, Twitter following and Google +1s.

I built the app from scratch, full-stack all the way from the Rails app itself, to setting up the admin system, through to coding the frontend design from the clients source PSDs.

It includes integration with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Dribbble and MailChimp for the various rules to subscribe, as well as integrating with Amazon S3 for file storage for download rewards, and Stripe for subscription plan payments.

The app was delivered with both a staging and production environment, ready to launch.

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“To say my experience with Elliott was great would be an understatement. He exceeded my expectations in all departments, and the experience felt more as if I was working with a co-founder rather than a freelancer.”

- Jacob Drolshagen,

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