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  • Tixij

    Tixij is an app to help gamers connect with other games to join forces and play together.

  • Health Hero

    Health Hero is an app that provides patient and employee health engagement on demand.

  • Seesaw

    Seesaw is an app that allows content marketers to gate their digital content behind different subscription and following rules.

  • FM Dashboard

    FM Dashboard is a work order management application for chain stores and contractors to manage their work flows. The app supports roles to expose different functionality based on the type of user using the system, as well as an interactive voice phone prompt for employees in the field.

  • PlayON

    PlayON is a fantasy football gambling site that allows you to pick a team based on football players playing that week, and make wagers with fellow players. You can play with multiple teams, play in-play games, and see live events and scoring during games.

  • Mouse to Minx

    When Mouse to Minx were relaunching their e-commerce site, they were also looking for a fun, dynamic, and interactive way of bringing their unique storytelling and brand ethos through to really liven up the storefront. They came to me to build an interactive storybook that'd be embedded on the homepage of the new site that was already in development, and that would allow users to get a great feel for what the company is all about.


    Exceptions are for developers to triage, categorise, and look at fixing. The focus for was always the developers that were using it, rather than fancy bells and whistles, or expensive premium plans. Using GitHub for authentication and authorisation, I wanted to make sure it couldn't be easier to add tracking for exceptions to your apps. By also integrating with both Pivotal Tracker and GitHub issues, I've made it easier to actually action these exceptions too, alongside any other normal work you're doing on the app.

  • citysocializer

    citysocializer wanted to bring their existing product up to date, with a more modern reboot of the same idea. I helped them start a brand new version of their core business idea, building a solution that would serve their users better, and also helping to build out their in-house development team to continue the good work I started.

  • MediaStreet

    When Media Street Apps came to me, they had a great idea for a hyperlocal listings site, but needed help to bring it to life. I was able to work with them to brainstorm the best solution, to pare the features down to the Minimum Viable Product, and to build an app that let them manage and run multiple hyperlocal sites all from a single backend. From there I've worked with them to refine and improve the app, and helped them build a business around it.

  • LeadersIn

    BVO came to me and wanted to take their existing content and site in a new direction, with new branding, and new features to improve engagement, and offer new content. I was able to work with them to implement new, nicer branding, and also developed features to allow them to deliver more quality, informative business content from leaders across a wide variety of industries. I also added features such as Q&A, comments and voting to get the site's audience better engaged and involved with the site.

  • SuperBetter

    SuperBetter is an incredible idea with lots of features to motivate users, but lacked a way for users to view the nitty gritty details of their progress. I worked on the insights feature, a way to view quest progress and survey responses as easy-to-grasp metrics that let you track how you are doing over time.

  • Beer Menus

    Beer Menus is a site to help you find bars serving your favourite beers, or to lookup which beers your favourite bar serves. It also offers weekly beer deals.

  • Low Carbon

    Low Carbon is a job board with a specific focus on the environment and climate change, aiming to showcase companies, technologies, research and jobs in this particular area. I worked with them with the site already established to build and launch multiple new features, as well as continually supporting and maintaining the app.

  • Touch Local

    Touch Local is a UK business listings, directory and review site. I worked with them on new user features, as well as new functionality for businesses, and SEO tools, as well as on keeping the site responsive and running for the 4 million plus unique visitors a month.