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  • Seesaw

    Seesaw is an app that allows content marketers to gate their digital content behind different subscription and following rules.

  • FM Dashboard

    FM Dashboard is a work order management application for chain stores and contractors to manage their work flows. The app supports roles to expose different functionality based on the type of user using the system, as well as an interactive voice phone prompt for employees in the field.

  • PlayON

    PlayON is a fantasy football gambling site that allows you to pick a team based on football players playing that week, and make wagers with fellow players. You can play with multiple teams, play in-play games, and see live events and scoring during games.

  • The Hobbyist

    The Hobbyist is a fresh idea for people who are looking to learn new skills in crafts and creative arts, curating the best independent courses and events in London. I worked with them to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) quickly and affordably, that focused on the core concept of course and events listings.

  • Mouse to Minx

    When Mouse to Minx were relaunching their e-commerce site, they were also looking for a fun, dynamic, and interactive way of bringing their unique storytelling and brand ethos through to really liven up the storefront. They came to me to build an interactive storybook that'd be embedded on the homepage of the new site that was already in development, and that would allow users to get a great feel for what the company is all about.