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  • PlayON

    PlayON is a fantasy football gambling site that allows you to pick a team based on football players playing that week, and make wagers with fellow players. You can play with multiple teams, play in-play games, and see live events and scoring during games.

  • SuperBetter

    SuperBetter is an incredible idea with lots of features to motivate users, but lacked a way for users to view the nitty gritty details of their progress. I worked on the insights feature, a way to view quest progress and survey responses as easy-to-grasp metrics that let you track how you are doing over time.

  • Beer Menus

    Beer Menus is a site to help you find bars serving your favourite beers, or to lookup which beers your favourite bar serves. It also offers weekly beer deals.

  • Touch Local

    Touch Local is a UK business listings, directory and review site. I worked with them on new user features, as well as new functionality for businesses, and SEO tools, as well as on keeping the site responsive and running for the 4 million plus unique visitors a month.

  • Foot Locker Unlocked

    Foot Locker Unlocked is a social site for the Foot Locker brand, allowing users to find and view sneakers, as well as rate them, and also provides access to lots of interesting and diverse brand content.