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  • Tixij

    Tixij is an app to help gamers connect with other games to join forces and play together.

  • Health Hero Mobile

    Health Hero Mobile is a mobile client app for the Health Hero service, that allows you to access key info on the move.

  • Jukely

    Jukely is an app that makes it easy to go and see great shows, discovering fresh new artists along the way!

  • Dr. Transplant

    Dr. Transplant is a game to raise awareness about organ donation, educate users about organ transplant statistics, and encourage them to sign up with their local organ donation registry, all while earning rewards for your virtual hospital waiting room.

  • Album Alert

    Album Alert is a simple iPhone app to let you quickly check whether any of the artists you like on Facebook have new music coming out soon.

  • Dragimals

    Despite being great devices for babies and toddlers to interact and engage with, there is a distinct lack of digital toys on the App Store for kids aged 1-4. I came up with Dragimals as I saw this gap in the market for fun, early learning apps for babies and toddlers.