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    Exceptions are for developers to triage, categorise, and look at fixing. The focus for was always the developers that were using it, rather than fancy bells and whistles, or expensive premium plans. Using GitHub for authentication and authorisation, I wanted to make sure it couldn't be easier to add tracking for exceptions to your apps. By also integrating with both Pivotal Tracker and GitHub issues, I've made it easier to actually action these exceptions too, alongside any other normal work you're doing on the app.

  • LeadersIn

    BVO came to me and wanted to take their existing content and site in a new direction, with new branding, and new features to improve engagement, and offer new content. I was able to work with them to implement new, nicer branding, and also developed features to allow them to deliver more quality, informative business content from leaders across a wide variety of industries. I also added features such as Q&A, comments and voting to get the site's audience better engaged and involved with the site.

  • SuperBetter

    SuperBetter is an incredible idea with lots of features to motivate users, but lacked a way for users to view the nitty gritty details of their progress. I worked on the insights feature, a way to view quest progress and survey responses as easy-to-grasp metrics that let you track how you are doing over time.